Meeting key information security challenges

Protects corporate emails from targeted phishing and letters containing malware

Protects the network perimeter, services, and user workstations from a malware

Protects infrastructure from being controlled by external attackers

Secures the transfer of files from untrusted to trusted file storages

Detects network anomalies

Protects workstations and servers from potentially unwanted apps and untrustworthy devices

“Sees” more than others

  • Detection of previously unknown threats based on Threat Intelligence & Attribution data. Proactive search for anomalies, hidden tunnels, and signs of communications with C&C servers.
  • Automated correlation of events and alerts, and subsequent attribution to malware type and/or threat actor
  • Global proactive threat hunting that exposes adversaries’ external infrastructure, TTPs, intent, and plans
  • Proprietary tools: network graph analysis and malware detonation platform provide data enrichment, correlations, and analysis
  • Full overview of the attack, in-depth management of incidents (up to Mutex/Pipes/Registry/Files)
  • Detection of attacker infrastructure on a global scale

Technology conceived to collect a large amount of data and unique search algorithms designed to find connections help detect infrastructure that hackers intend to use in future attacks

Forrester Consulting TEI study

How a customer achieved 272% ROI and almost $1.9 million in benefits over three years with Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework

Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework (THF) modules

Managed detection & response 24/7
  • Alert monitoring
  • Anomaly analysis
  • Threat Hunting
  • Remote response
  • Incident management
  • Critical threat analysis
Detecting infrastructure management & data analysis

Collaborative Hunting & Response Platform

  • Internal Threat Hunting
  • Retrospective analysis
  • Module management
  • Single interface
  • External Threat Hunting
  • Correlation & attribution
  • Data storage
  • Event analysis
Attacks detection & prevention

Network Research & Protection

  • Traffic analysis
  • File extraction
  • Anomaly detection

Malware Detonation & Research

  • Isolated environment
  • File analysis
  • Link analysis

Behaviour Inspection & Host Forensics

  • Event logging
  • Threat detection
  • Response at hosts
Sensor Industrial

Analysis of industrial control systems

  • Traffic analysis
  • Support for industrial protocols
  • Collection of information on firmware versioning
  • Software integrity control


Decrypting TLS/SSL traffic in the protected infrastructure

Different usage scenarios

Threat monitoring & detection >

Understanding attackers and their tools helps identify even the most complex threats

Identification of complex attacks and tools:

Spearphishing campaigns, social engineering techniques, legitimate utilities, and other tools used by advanced groups

Coverage of the main infection vectors:

Email, browsers, removable media, local networks, client applications, supply chain attacks

Detection of infected mobile devices:

THF detects mobile Trojans when a device is connected to a corporate Wi-Fi network

Infrastructure protection >

At the client’s request, the solution can be configured to block threats in real time

Email protection:

When set in inline mode, the solution analyzes files and links in an isolated environment and blocks malicious objects spread by email

File storage protection:

When integrated with file storage systems, the solution detects and blocks malicious files before they are launched in a real environment

Traffic protection:

When integrated via ICAP THF can block malicious files downloaded from the internet

Threat Hunting Framework (THF) is your local center for research, detection, and response

Monitoring by Group-IB’s Computer Emergency Response Team

Threat Hunting Framework capabilities

Management of complex incidents

Discovers anomalies, hidden communication channels. Performs behavioral analysis for software and users, and event correlation.

Malware detonation and analysis

Patented technology performs dynamic analysis of malware in isolated environments on virtual machines and fully executes malicious code and extracts IoCs.

Collaboration with experts

Provides shared environment, remote incident response, digital forensics, and access to analysts and cyber community

Proactive threat hunting

Hunts on hosts within and outside the network perimeter while also analyzing the infrastructure of external adversaries

Access to threat intelligence

Attributes scattered events to specific malware types and families or certain cybercriminal groups for efficient attack termination.

Unified security solution for IT and OT

A single system contains all the necessary tools for adaptive automation of research, threat hunting, and IR.

Additional benefits

User-friendly web interface

  • Representative visualization of incidents
  • Management of all components from a single window

Detailed reports

  • Full context and in-depth analysis
  • Clear account of event types and timelines

Effective communication

  • Full support 24/7/365
  • Most issues resolved within 10 minutes

Group-IB Threat Hunting Framework International Awards

Group-IB THF in reports and reviews

Network Detection and Response

KuppingerCole Analysts AG Names Group-IB a Product Leader for Threat Hunting Framework

Helpnetsecurity review

Threat Hunting Framework delivers on the promise of working on various layers (network, email system, files, endpoints, cloud) and providing actionable analytics from incidents and events.

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